Emmental cheese block

Swiss speciality cheese will continue to taste just as it always has size: 2kg.

Edam cheese block/Fondel


Kashkaval block

Hungarian kashkaval with full fat cow cheese, size:3kg.

Mozzarella block

Full fat Mozzarella Block Cheese can be sliced or shredded for the freshest ingredients possible. Size: 2.5kg

Palatina Mozzarella shredded

Palatina Mozzarella has a distinctive creamy flavour, and excellent stretch once cooked. Our specialised TCS Technology™ allows the product to stay softer for longer once melted, giving great oven-to-plate consistency, 2kg

Palatina red Cheddar block

Palatina red cheddar is an extremely versatile product that can be grated, diced and sliced. Size: 2.5Kg

Gouda cheese

block 2.5kg

Palatina white cheddar

Palatina white cheddar can be used as fillings and toppings and sliced to complete a great tasting. Size: 2.5kg.

Palatina shredded cheddar

Irish cheddar with distinct flavor ,can easily add it to your favorite dish, size: 2kg

Provolone cheese

Pancette 5kg

Feta white cheese

Danish feta 500 Gr

Goat cheese vacuum bag

1kg plain,pepper,fine herbs and thyme

Hard cheese/ Grana Padano/ Parmigiano Reggiano

Rough cut portion 4.5kg

Brie Cheese

Irresistible with its fine crust and naturally finds its place on the daily cheese platter, weight: 3.2kg

Hard grated cheese

1kg can

Danish Blue Cheese

100gr pack/ 2.5kg

Cream cheese

Naturally pure and fresh product with a creamy texture, size:1kg