Sarquella Cooked ham Selection

Selection of premium Ham ,size: 7kg

Beef pepperoni

whole 0.5kg

Pepperoni tube

Danish premium pepperoni tube, size1.8kg.

Salami Pepperoni sliced

1kg sealed bag

Danish Salami

Produced with Regional Italian spices, size:2.5kg vacuum pack

Sarquella cooked ham

Paletta / Oval 6kg approx

Sarquella Turkey bacon

Smoked Turkey breast bacon/ 2kg

Sarquella deluxe bacon

Smoked and cooked bacon/2kg

Sarquella Turkey breast bar 11x11

Easier cutting / Approx. 3.15kg

Sarquella Smoked Turkey Breast

Healthy full of vitamins and minerals, approx./3.15 Kg.


It is produced from the punta d'anca, size:1.5kg

Beef Bacon

Extra kick and amazing flavour, size:1kg

Parma Ham

100% Italian and 100% natural, with ingredients which create its unmistakable sweetness and flavour, size:6.5kg