La Italiana Pesto Alla Genovese

Ideal with any pasta Al dente, perfect for a quick tasty course, size:500g.

La Italiana Sun-dried tomatoes

In extra Virgin olive oil with an intense flavor, size:1600g.

La Italiana Anchovies in oil

La Italiana anchovies in oil , tasty and versatile with valuable nutrients such as omega 3, size: 80g.

Burcu Pepper Paste Mild

A versatile product, can be used in marinades,pastas and grilled items, size:4.200g.

Truffle Salsa La Italiana

Texture smoothies and creamy make it ideal for Truffle dishes, size:500gr

Burcu Hot Pepper Paste

Ideal to use on all your cured meats,size: 4.200g.

Aceto Balsamico IGP La Italiana
0 00 USD

The Balsamic Vinegar PGI is refined by the skilled hands of La Italiana family in the Modena vinegar factory ,size : 5 L.

Aceto Balsamico Glaze Andrea Milano

To season, used in in stuffing or to decorate any dishes, size:500 ml.

Capers La Italiana

Used to garnish dishes for a satisfying salty crunch, size:720gr

Whole artichoke marinated in oil

Tender and tasty, size:1600g.

SeaStar Ketchup Jug

Our classic ketchup is made from sweet, juicy, red ripe tomatoes for the signature thick and rich taste,size:3.8L

SeaStar Barbecue Sauce, Classic / Hickory

A true American original, classic with a keen balanced flavor and a robust finish,size:3.8L.

Imported Heavy Real Mayonnaise

Deliciously Creamy Real Mayonnaise, size:3.8L

Imported Yellow Mustard

Stone-ground #1 grade mustard seeds for the perfect balance, size:3.8L

Dijon Mustard

The taste of the Burgundy Region of France, size:4.8L /Mi Forte, Xtra forte.

Wholegrain Mustard

Characterised by its grainy texture and powerful punch, size:4.8L

Worcestershire Sauce

Recipes from marinades and Caesar salads, size: 3.8L

SeaStar Buffalo Sauce

The original wing sauce that changed the chicken wing game,size:3.8L

Steak Sauce

Jug size:3.78L

Peppercorn Chili Oil

Its unique piquancy and distinctive aroma, size:1L

Beef Bouillon

Beef Bouillon adds a bold new taste to your next meal with the rich flavors of beef stock,size:1kg

Chicken Bouillon

Easily intensify the flavor of your favorite recipes with our Chicken Bouillon, size:1kg

Vegetable Bouillon

A savory blend of vegetables and seasonings, adds amazing flavor while keeping your recipe vegetarian, size:1kg

Au Jus (Flavored Gravy Mix)

Beef au Jus Gravy Mix brings a rich, delicately seasoned flavor to any dish, size:1kg

Classic Brown (Demi Glace)

Recreate the traditional taste of the holiday season all year round with our Classic Brown 9Demi Glace), size1kg

Seafood Bouillon Mix

Ideal for fortifying scratch-made fumet or making seafood soups, chowders, and other dishes, size:1kg

Mushroom Stock

A mix to create a smooth mushroom sauce,size:1kg

Cheddar Cheese Powder

It's perfect for sprinkling on pop corn, soup, baked potatoes, on your favourite mac' n cheese, Size:1kg.

Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Rich, creamy and delicious cheddar cheese sauce that is perfect for nachos, chips, fries, pretzels, burgers, hot dogs , size:3kg

Asparagus jars
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Tortilla Chips

A gluten-free, crispy corn chips made from 100% cornmeal. It is the most ideal chips for making nachos, cheese, Mexican , size:425gr

Flour Tortillas Soft

The foundation for the perfect soft tacos, fajitas, quesadillas ,available in 6/8/10/12 Inch, weight:1kg

Corn Tortilla Soft

For perfect Tortilla chips Fiesta ,size:1kg

Garlic Powder Granulated


Lemon Seasoning (Junal)


Dried Porcini

The real mushrooms flavor, size:1kg

Strained Tomatoes Bottles

Full-bodied and decisive tomato puree 100% made in Italy.size:680gr

Cooking And Whipping Cream 35% Fat

Unsweetned, UHT treated, Size:1L.

Gran Cucina Non-Dairy Cooking Cream

Characterized by a thick formula which makes it particularly suitable for sauces and cooking, size:1L.

Chocolate Spread

Authentic hazelnut and cocoa taste, size:1kg

Lamis honey

Silky, sweet and full of warm flavor size: 1kg

Honey Al Zohoor

Natural pure bees Honey, size:1kg

Nadec liquid milk
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Full milk cream UHT, size: 1L.

Milk Powder
0 00 USD

Whole or skimmed milk powder, size: 25kg