Frozen Fries and Potato Chips

Egyptian Stealth frozen fries

Coated Straight 7x7/ 9x9,size:2.5kg

Steak Fries

Thicker and larger fries, size:2.5kg

Skin On Fries

Coated Skin on 7×7/9×9, size:2.5kg

Flavored wedges

Buttered with a distinctive blend of seasoning, size:2.5kg

Wedges Skin On

Wedge-shaped with skin on, size:2.5kg

Lamb Weston Straight

Crispy coat ,crispy on delivery 6×6/9×9

LambWeston Wedge

Lamb's seasoned wedge cut, size:2.5kg

LambWeston Twister

Lamb's seasoned twister fries, size:2.5kg

Chips potato sticks 1kg /1.5kg

Made from Potatoes, sunflower oil and salt, for the ideal Boneless wraps and Burgers.