Frozen Seafood

SeaStar Black Tiger Shrimps HOSO

Vietnam Origin/ size:4/6-6/8-8/12 -13/15-16/20 -26/30 -30/40 -40/50

SeaStar Black Tiger Shrimps HLSO

Size: 8/12-13/15-16/20-21/25-26/30

SeaStar Shrimps PDTO


SeaStar White Fish Fillets

Origin:Pangasius, boneless and skinless white fillets, size :1kg

SeaStar Sole fillets

Premium boneless & skinless Yellowfin Sole fillets ,size:1kg

SeaStar Alaska Pollock Fillets

Skinless Alaska Pollock fillets (Theragra Chalcogramma), size:1kg

SeaStar Calamri Tubes

Skinless whole cleaned squids available in 3 different sizes: U3/U5/U10,weight size:1kg

SeaStar Baby Cuttlefish

Finest caught Cuttlefish, (Sepia),size:1kg

Hamashi Filet (Yellow Tail)

Size pack:1.5kg av.

Red Snapper

Size pack:100gr

SeaStar Shrimps Dumplings

Real shrimps filled in a soft dough coating, size: 500gr.

SeaStar WholeShell Mussel

WholeShell Mussel vacuum pack ,size:1kg

SeaStar Green HalfShell Mussel

Green halfshell mussel packed size:1kg

SeaStar Mussels Meat

Mussels meat premium,size:1kg

SeaStar Osaka Japan Crab Sticks

Grade SA Surimi crab stick,size:500gr

SeaStar Deep Filament Crab Sticks

Kamaboko form made of finely pulverized Surimi filament style,size:250gr

SeaStar Smoked Salmon

Brown meat fully removed, dry-salted, sliced and vaccum-packed,size: 100gr,200gr,500gr,1kg

SeaStar Samlon Fillets

SeaStar Salmon Chunks

Processed from superior Atlantic Salmon, vaccum-packed ,size:200gr.

SeaStar Tuna Saku

Yellowfin Tuna Saku Stripes, Sashimi Grade AA

SeaStar Raw Octopus

Raw Whole Octopus Vulgaris mechanically "beaten" in specialized tumbling to soften the meat,1000/2000, 2000/3000.

SeaStar Seafood mix

Processed from a delicate combination of blanched, peeled & deveined shrimps ,squid rings & tentacles, octopus & yellow clams’ meat ,size:1kg.

Ebi Shrimp

Butterflied in two different sizes,4L/5L, pack size:20 pieces

Tobiko Orange/Black/Green

Sushi topping and garnish, Pack size:1kg

Ikura Japan


Frozen Scallops


Shuka Wakame Seaweed

A unique taste and texture to soups and salads, size:1kg


Size pack:200gr