Oil and Butter

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium extra virgin olive oil ,size:16L.

La Italiana Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Full-flavoured and long-lasting taste, size:250ml

Premium Sunflower Oil, 3x5L./ 2x10L.

Product the three leaders in the market for sunflower oil in Ukraine. Produced by two unique technologies: cold refining (the oil is not subject to multiple heating and cooling, preserving its original structure) and first pressing (for the production of oil, only the whole seed core is used, from which only the first, most biologically valuable oil is selected for a low temperature pressing).

Clear Liquid Soy Shortening, 17.4L.

Healthy Brand’s Classic Clear Liquid Shortening is formulated for extended frying results. Resistant to breakdown and foaming the added stability provided in this frying oil results in better tasting foods and consistent frying performance

Canola Oil, 17.3L.

Canola Oil minimally Processed, Cholesterol-Free Oil Does Not Contain Trans Fats, Preservatives, Or Additives.

Imported Butter Block

Premium butter is made only from dairy fat without colorings or additives,size: 10kg/ 20kg

Lamination Butter Sheet

Rolling out perfectly, made from pasteurized cream from grass-fed cows, size:2kg