Karm Building, Saint Antoine Street Jounieh 1200Zouk Mosbeh

Frozen seafood and vegetables, tomato products, pasta, grains, spices and stocks, sauces,fries and breaded starters items - we are experts in our product groups and their markets. We master the challenges of global supply chains and understand our customers' needs.

Fair, sustainable business relations around the country, common high standards of quality, service and reliability as well as the excitement for innovative products have been our guide.

Our commitment in maintaining the highest  quality standards. Our main supply facilities in Thailand,China,Vietnam, Malaysia ,Spain , Italy HACCP, GMP,BRC,ISO 9001:2000 and HALAL certificates .
We bring to collaboration experience, passion for quality, extremely varied portfolio and very well trained employees!

Brands : Palatina shredded mozzarella ,SeaStar, La Italiana, Sarquella.

By E.Jabra for trading SARL